Why Is Waiting So Difficult?

The process of waiting in life is probably one of the most difficult things for any person. Life generally works with a need for waiting and denial for a period of time. There is a time of waiting required between when a seed is planted and when fruits or a crop is harvested. The world lives on waiting.

There are things that no matter how much you desire them, will never come to you except if you wait. Like the little boy that wants to drive his own car and raise his own family. At his level, only waiting and patience can get him in the place where he can achieve his desires.

It is the same for you as a single person or even if you are married, there is something to always wait for.

What makes waiting so difficult is that it requires patience. Patience on it’s own is another journey on it’s own. Exercising patience is mostly not fun because most times it requires you to do nothing.

Meanwhile, as humans we are used to our actions immediately giving us desired results. We want to push a button like a tap and watch the water flow immediately. We light a match and it eventually catches fire. It could be a lot of fun if life was like this all the time. Sadly, it isn’t always so.

Right now as a single person you have to wait to meet the right person, you have to wait to have your finances in a great place, you need to be independent and all that before you can make some moves.

You meet someone you are starting to like and you need the profess of time to be sure that you fit and you are making the right choice.

Waiting isn’t easy.

I would share a little tip for you to help with your waiting:

“You need to see time as your best friend”

Many of us hate time, we don’t like the fact that time has to go before we can get some things done. Time is definitely not our friend with the way it acts. Today it goes very fast, tomorrow it goes too slow.

But one feature of time you may have forgotten is that:

Time is consistent so you can trust it.

If you are rolling in bed and unable to sleep during the midnight because of the darkness. It is certain that you can trust time to bring the morning to you. Day and night will never cease.

My advice for you is as you wait, get busy. Embrace time as your friend and keep busy while time tries to get you to your desired destination.

You’ll definitely get to where you are headed, time is your trusted medium that gets you there. Make it your best friend!

Time is sure and is consistent, so learn to make it work for you good as you wait.


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