Curiosity isn’t always a good thing.

Testing boundaries will always be natural for us as human beings. We want to see how far we can go, how much on-the-edge we can live, how much we can be like our friends and do what they do…

We even go a step further to ask, ‘how far is too far?’ or ‘is so-and-so in particular a sin?’.

We try out many things simply to have a firsthand experience of certain things. While this may be good when it comes to neutral experiences of life, one must be very aware that curiosity can sometimes flip the switch of balance very quickly.

Simply, some times curiosity does more harm than good.

An x-rated link. You see it’s a sexual site.
You click, a naked picture pops up. And another. And another.

You have now had firsthand experience, but for many, this kick-starts a long struggle for sexual control and to live above sin.

Curiosity was the crack in the wall, and sadly, the wrong things seeped in. And that’s how many got addicted to masturbation and pornography in the first place.

You see, some didn’t experience a pornography struggle, not because they were so disciplined, but because they never opened or were in a position to open that first crack of curiosity.

After that first crack of curiosity, it’s hard to unsee those x-rated images or videos. Going past that line and curiosity has you in its grip. Without the help of accountability partners and God, it’s too likely that such a habit is battled with for a long time.

But hope is not lost. Now, you will need to fight a battle, which is hard but not impossible – with God’s help, a great support system and a good church family.

The next time you are faced with a choice to let curiosity get the better part of you, here are some questions to bring what’s at stake into your focus.

-Is clicking/doing this truly worth it?

-Would I honestly die if I don’t satisfy this curiosity craving?

-Do I really want to take the chance that I may fall into addiction after viewing this?

These 3 things will help you weigh the options.

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