About Us

Change is the end result of every true learning.

Enioluwa Odunjo

Lead Product Designer

An Entrepreneur with a huge passion for building products that make lives better. He is a fan of a good challenge.

Jesuloluwa Eyitayo


Jesuloluwa is an innovative thinker who takes pride in creating complex and disruptive web applications

Ewaoluwa Ojo

Digital Strategist

A strategist extraordinaire. Ewa enjoys using storytelling techniques to cause impact and social change

About us

Our Mission

Most people have not had the privilege of experiencing victory and abiding joy over their addiction to pornography and masturbation Flust is on a mission to change that. We aim to help people everywhere understand where lust/sin comes from and how to defeat it. We believe that if people know better, they will do better. You were created for more; not to live as a slave to fear, but in pure delight. You are not possessed, but God’s possesion.

Our Founder

Enioluwa Odunjo

Enioluwa Odunjo is the founder and Chief Executive officer of Flust. His mission is to rid people from the slavery to addiction. His victory in overcoming pornography is a rather peculiar one. He was addicted for over a year. The Holy spirit told him specifically that he’ll never be caught. That is, no one will ever stumble on this secret, no one will have a word of knowledge about this sin. Not his friends, not his pastors, nobody. And if he stays in it, he’ll be bound forever. He had no choice but to trust God to teach me how to experience victory in this area. And God did, as He always does. Flust is an offshoot of the things he learnt. From Tools, to mind renewal, to accountability, to rejoicing in christ. Enioluwa provides all tools that anyone going through this phase needs to experience