Stay Accountable

Flust randomly captures screenshots of your screen and shares them with a partner, spouse, friend, pastor.

Stay Accountable

Whether you’re trying to protect your children, safeguard your marriage, or break bad habits, Flust app can help.


Easy Setup
No crazy reports, simply scroll through screenshots
Privacy Kept
Banking sites, details, passwords are blocked from screenshot capturing.
Social Media
Flust app monitors Instagram,Twitter,Snapchat, etc. All screens get content captured.
Noninvasive App
The app uses minimal battery, ram, processing power, and data.

Blog Posts

Ewaoluwa Ojo

When Your Strength is Little

God is Cheering You On

Do you ever feel like you’ve mastered this thing, your sexual desire. You feel like no way on earth would you ever get sucked into the hollow promises of sexual perversions. You might even say to yourself, “I’ve been there, done that, now I’m over it. My sexual purity game is 100%!”

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Now i feel free to use the internet knowing that someone has my back, sees me and keeps me accountable

– Phillip O

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